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Conservative investment management with a value-based approach.

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Welcome to Frank Capital Management LLC

Frank Capital Management LLC (hereinafter "FCM") is a registered investment advisor located in Parsippany, New Jersey. We offer investment management services for individuals.

Why invest with us?

At FCM, we offer the expertise and personal attention that enables our clients to reach their financial goals. The financial crisis of 2008 saw the collapse of big Wall Street firms that were supposedly run by financial experts. Why trust them with your portfolio? Using intelligent portfolio management and our sound value investing philosophy, our clients weathered the selloff while prospering in its aftermath. We can do the same for you. Learn how our small company approach will serve you better than the large firms.

Call us today!

Please call us for a free consultation. We will meet with you in your home or office.
You can reach us at (973) 928-8770.